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Student Affairs Division

Building up an energetic and healthy city and glorifying kindness and happiness in campus


I. Volunteering

  1. Recruit volunteers, form volunteering teams, as well as set up training programs and classes for relevant certifications.
  2. Assist in school activities, participate in services within local areas, and cultivate a viewpoint with local affections and love toward society.
  3. Develop personal growth via participating in services, glorify the virtue of volunteering, and showing the influence of kindness of volunteering.


II. Healthy Learning Camp

  1. Hold group counseling activities--- such as drama, music, or art activities.
  2. Career counseling--- cooperating with Labor Affairs Bureau or human resource agencies, and arranging relevant training classes.
  3. Provide resident psychologists’ consultation.
  4. Hold body-mind-spirit seminars.


III. Activities

  1. Hold Welcome Parties for the school to show the passion and vitality of our faculty and students.
  2. Arrange graduation ceremonies and help students make plans to fulfill their dreams.
  3. Hold annual distinctive activities to arouse students’ passion and creativity and to provide students a stage to show their talents.


IV. Leadership Cultivation

  1. Hold workshops for leaders of students’ clubs as well as improve relationships and connections between clubs.
  2. Encourage students to establish students’ clubs and cultivate their leadership and communication ability.
  3. Assist students’ clubs to hold activities in order to initiate students’ ability in organization and creativity.


V. Scholarships

  1. Scholarship for Outstanding Accomplishment
  2. Scholarship for Significant Contribution or Achievement
  3. Scholarship for the Physically and Mentally Disabled Students
  4. Emergency Grants
  5. Part-time Job Subsidies for Students


VI. Alumni Network

  1. Hold seminars and forums for alumni and compile the minutes.
  2. (1) Establish communication network for alumni, cooperate with alumniassociations to hold relevant activities, and accelerate bilateral relationship and communication.
    (2) Gather the power of alumni to promote school affairs, encourage their feedback, elevate the academic reputation of the school, and devote efforts to the society and the nation.