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Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

The Department was founded in August, 1997, having two language programs - English and Japanese. The minimum exit criterion for students to earn a degree of Bachelor of Arts is 128 course credits: (20 general education courses, 26 department required courses, 52 department selective courses, and 30 cross-department courses).


1. A well-designed curriculum of both programs may meet various needs of target population, such as working adults of a walk of life, in-service public civil servants, ordinary high school graduates, or retired persons from the job. They are advised to prudently take courses based on their own study purpose either acquiring the degree or solely strengthening their language proficiency, etc.


2. Mainly, the courses of each program has two core components:

(A) Required courses of four language modules listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translation and interpretation.

(B) Selective Track courses ("Track" academic specialty) 

  • Courses of literature and culture
  • Courses of linguistics and language teaching profession
  • Courses of practical business


3. To cater for a social trend of English learning, the Department also accentuates the discipline of "children English teaching". Several courses have been designed for students who are particularly interested in this field. The core courses are Children English Teaching Methods, Teaching of English Nursery Rhymes and Chants, Appreciation of English Children's Books in the Elementary School English Classroom, English Classroom Management, Foreign Language Institute Management, Language and Culture, and Cross-Cultural Psychology, etc. These courses may coincide the professional ones of "Childhood Education" designed by General Education Center to fulfill the demand of expertise of children English teaching for in-service kindergarten and elementary school personnel. On the other hand, Japanese program has recently shifted its teaching focus towards business-oriented domain. The newly designed courses are Business Communication in Japanese, SecretaryPractice of Japanese, Traveling Japanese, Selective Readings on Economy and International Trade, and Study of Japanese Economics, etc.


4. The faculty of a high caliber, who is not only well experienced but also highly zealous, is a distinctive feature of the Department.


5. Air-conditioned and well-equipped classrooms may provide students with comfortable learning environment. Plus, a state-ofthe- art multi-media room that costs nearly $2.5 million may fully satisfy the need of Elearning.

Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

6. Up to now, the Department has demonstrated promising teaching outcomes. For example, there are several graduates from both programs having earned their master degree overseas. Besides, there have been several graduates working on their master degree in domestic universities. Moreover, a certain number of Japanese majors have passed and obtained a "Japanese Proficiency Test Level 1 (the highest) Certificate, which is organized by Japanese Cultural Exchange Association in Taiwan.