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The Personnel Office

Comprehensive service:

The multi-valued society has resulted in more diversified personnel services, so the traditional administrators who engaged in personnel management affairs have gradually become strategic partners. In addition to taking charge of personnel affairs, we also create a great working environment with customer-oriented philosophy and attitude, so that the faculty can receive assistance and care from Personnel Office. Besides, we hope that the colleagues can be the strategic partners of the School and assist in school affairs with professional skills, which will give more values to the Personnel Office.


Though Personnel Office is a supporting unit, it plays a key role in building environment and culture of school, and even endeavoring in school’s development and improvement. Thus, we wish that all colleagues can do the best, provide assistance to the president, and further, contribute to the human power development in Kaohsiung City.


“High quality human power” is the keystone of enhancing city competitiveness and efficiency. The Personnel Office aims to optimize the personnel structure, enhance human power quality, and strengthen the competitiveness and executive ability. The transformations and changes of the public human resources managers are imperative. The missions of Personnel Office are no longer limited in regular personnel affairs. The staff should change into strategy partners of organizations. A few indicators should be kept in mind while we are on duty, which are “efficiency”, “fairness”, “service”, and “innovation”. Macroscopic perspective is also essential for us to provide opinions and suggestions for organizations, to use the human powers effectively and to meet the requirement of organization management.