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Computer Information Management Center

Established in September 1997, the Computer Information Management Center (CMNC) of OUK aims to provide the faculty, the staff, and students with a good computing environment specifically tailored to teaching, research, and administration. Since its establishment, the Center has been enhancing its facilities and services. In order to upgrade the computing network, we started, from 1999, the installation of campus terminal network and the connection between mainframes and microcomputers. In 2002 the campus fiber optics network was completed, connecting all University buildings via a high-speed 100 Mb/s network, while the network backbone was also upgraded to Giga Ethernet. Wireless network was launched in summer 2003 with the goal of achieving ubiquitous network access by the end of 2004. This enables all the faculty and the students at home or in the office to easily connect via Internet to the rich academic resources online. To support teaching and learning, the Center also developed a web-based course management system, which was built based on the theory of instructional design. The system helps the faculty and instructors develop and manage instructional materials and activities on-line. It has been greatly utilized to enhance students' learning. To date, over a thousand courses were established and the number is continuously increasing. The mission of the Center is to create a high-quality computing environment with sufficient facilities and support services to improve teaching, research, and administration of the University, and to achieve the goal of an e-University as well.