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The Accounting Office

The accounting office will act in accordance with the supervision and instruction of its superior authority, and will provide the principal with related accounting information and suggestions needed for the decision making. It will also act, according to law to administer budget, accounting, and statistics and other items of business, and help other offices to make good use of limited resources to facilitate the modernization of campus and school. Furthermore, it will work to create higher well-being and productivity for the community, students, and city, thus achieving the objective of teaching and development plan of the school.


Fiscal budget

  1. Collect and inspect annual (estimate) budget, and supplementary budget.
  2. Compose and process the modification of plan implementation by installment and income and expenditure estimation table.
  3. Certify and register the implementation control over annual budget.
  4. Compose the original vouchers of various kinds of income and expenditure and cases of payments.
  5. Process the application for the use of second reserve fund.
  6. Review the application for capital expenditure by year-end.



  1. Compose the voucher for balance of payments, transfer voucher, and payment voucher.
  2. Print accounting ledger for chronological books, general ledger, sub-ledger, reference books, and general ledger for properties and commodities.
  3. Compose daily, monthly, and quarterly accounting reports, as well as final statements and other accounting reports (tables).
  4. Arrange and preserve various accounting vouchers, accounting report, and accounting ledgers.
  5. Manage the pre-collection, pre-payment, and organization of payment and collection on behalf as well as items of various kinds of deposits and collaterals.
  6. Manage the internal auditing and accounting administration.
  7. Reserve self-collected receipts and requisition records.
  8. Process the official documents of the school and other temporarily assigned matters for administration.



  1. Compose various kinds of statistic tables.
  2. File and preserve various kinds of statistic information.