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Media Production Division

Recording of Instruction Programs

At the beginning of each year, the Division invites bids for recording of instructional media programs. First, after finalizing the course planning of the next coming semester, add up the number of televise courses to be recorded according to media application (broadcasting, television, or multimedia web-based instruction).


Second, contact the recording unit to arrange the place and the schedule of recording and inform lecturing teachers . After the production of instruction CD, they have to be re-copied and transferred into different files requested by various media networks, the Division shall supervise all production process, then deliver the CD to the examining personnel for further review to assure the recording quality.


Last, deliver all the instruction CDs to respective media networks, the OUK computer center and the OUK library (to be lent by self-study students).

Broadcasting of Instruction Programs

The broadcasting time slots are arranged according to the schedule of the school and off-campus broadcasters. The broadcasting is free of charge. For more details, check out the following:


Cable televisions broadcasting system:

  1. Public welfare channel 03 of Kaohsiung City cable television: broadcasted by four CATV, namely Ching Lien CATV, Daxin, Gang Du Cable TV Co., Ltd. and Da Gao Hsiung CATV.
  2. Public welfare channel 03 of Kaohsiung County cable television: broadcasted by two CATV, namely Phoenix CATV Co., Ltd. and Nan Kuo CATV Co., Ltd.
  3. Public welfare channel 03 of Pingtung County cable television: broadcasted by two CATV, namely Guan Sheng CATV and Ping Nan CATV.


The instruction program is broadcasted in the systems of the public welfare channels mentioned above in accordance with the "CATV Public Welfare Channel Regulations". We send an official notice or application form to the given CATV before the instruction program is broadcasted.


Radio broadcasting system (Contracts are executed first before broadcasting):

  1. Kaohsiung City Radio Station: AM1089 kilohertz; FM94.3 megahertz
  2. National Education Radio station, Kaohsiung branch: Kaohsiung and Pingtung Districts-FM101.7 megahertz; Chiayi and Tainan District- FM107.7 megahertz.


Over years, the school has applied media teachings with a number of 145 courses in televisionteaching, 350 coursess in radio broadcasting and 65 courses in multimedia web-based teaching.


In consideration of the students distributed in different districts and that the students might miss the time slots of instruction programs through radio and television due to their work, all of the programs are broadcasted through the narrow band and broad band of the school (allowing students to enter the program through web at any time).


In addition, the school library also offers sets of instruction programs in CDs to be lent by selfstudy students, making the learning even more diversified and convenient.