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Vision and mission of the OUK

Mission and objectives

Vision and mission of the OUK shall feature the core values of a city university and a social education institute, for the OUK is established by Kaohsiung City Government. The modernization of the OUK will involve the Development into a cyber university, as the internet itself is an swift emerging market, and a social learning new landmark.


The OUK is located in the industrial area with the highest revenue in Taiwan, Hsiao-Kang Linhai Industrial Park, in Kaohsiung City, a beautiful harbor city with 1.5 millions citizens in the South. Therefore, the OUK will act as the catalyst of industrial area reformation and beautification of urban districts, as well as a city Learning resource center of conservation and sustainability.


The OUK is advantageous in vitalizing the adult education market as a social education institute Hence, it is essential to develop tight partnership with urban human resources revitalization and cultivation in Kaohsiung.


The vision of the OUK is “becoming the premier Cyber City University”, functioning as the “Beacon of City Learning”. The OUK aims to demonstrate how it can function as an “Enriching Economic Entity of Cyber Education in the City”.


As part of all on going plans the OUK is engaged in, enhancing the quality of human resources development and international cooperation are the two major missions. The OUK, the most competent social education university, will not just facilitate the building and enriching of city education network, but also provide infinite possibilities for development in metro Kaohsiung with global opportunities and diversities in the future.