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Cashier Section,Secretariat

Cashier Section is one of the units that help the school promote the new power for “the progressing city and the cyber university.” Unrelated to this program as it may seem, the section actually plays an important role in managing the overall administrative affairs. The most specific duty of this section is the administration of assets and property, including three parts:


I. Cashier Affairs

  1. Issuance and payment of all the relevant fees involving personal rights and interests, such as salary, hourly pay, employee insurance fee, pension, labor insurance fee, health insurance fee, and income tax.
  2. Reserve, transfer, and refund the business bidding fees and deposits.
  3. Transactions and auditing in collaboration with banks.
  4. Management of charity donations.


II. Student Registration Affairs

  1. Compose the registration timetable.
  2. Print and mail the tuition notice.
  3. Audit the tuitions collected by Bank of Taiwan.
  4. Collect and audit the tuitions paid after the registration due date.
  5. Calculate the collected tuitions of the whole semester.
  6. Re-issue the certificate of payment of tuition fee.


III. Management of School Assets and Property

  1. Make a recording of the newly-added and discarded belongings.
  2. Make an inventory of the belongings.
  3. Label the belongings.
  4. Compose all kinds of statistic tables of the belongings.