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Department of Culture and Arts

Founded in 1998, the Department of Culture and Arts is the first organization of its kind in Taiwan to set up courses of curriculum integration. Through a broad base of practical course offerings, the department's mission is the cultivation of students' academic and creative abilities, preparing them for entrance into the workforce in the Culture and Arts fields.


An further long-term goal of the department is the enrichment of the local community and the cultural and economic development of Taiwan.

The courses offered in this department include the following categories:

  1. Visual arts: History of Chinese Art, History or Western Art, History of Taiwanese Art, Appreciation of Chinese Art, Appreciation of Western Art, History of Japanese Art, History of Architecture, History of Art and Craft, etc.
  2. Performing Art: Appreciation of Chinese Music, Appreciation of Western Music, Appreciation of Taiwanese Music, History of Chinese Music, History of Western Music, Taiwanese Folk Music, Art of Movie, General History of Dance, etc.
  3. Literature and Aesthetics: Introduction of Literature, Modern Literature, History of Chinese Literature, etc.
  4. History of Culture, Art Theory: History of Western Civilization, History of Chinese Civilization, History of Taiwanese Culture, Introduction to Art, Music Theory, etc.