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Department of Technology Management

Features of Department

On Jan 1, 2006, Department of Technology Management was founded to foster the second expertise of people in the Metropolitan Kaohsiung to meet the development of politics and economy and the demands of the changes in industry structure. Considering high-tech development for Southern Taiwan Science Park (STSP), the major objective of our department is devoted to training students to be good at research and management for high-tech industry through the connection of needs of industrial environment in the South, and features of OUK. In the fields of research and teaching, both fundamental theory and the practice of industry are emphasized and integrated toachieve the function of regional promotion and service.

Teaching Objectives

Our goal is to train people with dual specialties in technique and management to meet the requirements for different business. The Department take advantage of convenient geographical location in the Kaohsiung area, which is near Tainan SciencePark, and keeps good relationships with industry, government, and academia as well. Most of our faculty who have possessed abundant practical experiences focus on the collaboration between theory and practice in teaching and also cater for the high-tech industry trend at any time to bring knowledge and skill of management into a full play, and equip students with excellent competency for competitive job market as well.

Course Planning

Our courses include the existing fields of management, marketing, production, human resources and organization. Besides, we newly add courses, such as innovation management, knowledge management, strategic management of technology, technology and law, operation of new business, technology and environment, and introduction to high-Tech techniques. Besides, a series of introductions to manufacturing techniques of high-tech industry in terms of nanotechnology industry, digital contents industry, semiconductor Industry, flat panel display industry, and biotechnology industry are also included in the curriculum.

Future Development

A fast-growing domestic economy, a fast-changing business operation environment, and a great trend of specialization management and economic globalization drive up an increasing demand for working adults specializing in technology management, especially for growing urban construction in the City of Kaohsiung in terms of several on-going projects, such as Multi-function Economic and Trade Park, Software Industrial Park and Biotechnology Park, Air Cargo Park, Free Trade Port Zone, and Rapid Transit System, etc. Obviously, a great number of talents specializing in technology management will be highly expected in the future.